Robert Witherspoon has been producing major sculptural artworks since 1990 and is local to the Atlanta area.

Witherspoon has artworks in numerous USA cities and he has had international exposure in China and Scotland. Robert is often commissioned to create site specific artworks that anchor courtyards, conference center lobby’s, and sculpture gardens. He has created site specific and public art work for the clients of Soho Myriad Gallery, Atlanta Beltline Inc, and Kennesaw State University. His contemporary sculptures often fit into a category of “art in public spaces”. These artworks are aesthetically streamlined and built to last indefinitely. His sculptural works are often life size scale or larger and constructed in stainless steel.

Witherspoon has worked extensively as an arts instructor and currently works in arts administration for the City of Atlanta Public Art Program. His specialty is in public art conservation and urban project management. He has worked for the Fulton County Arts Council, Georgia State University, City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, and Atlanta Public Art Legacy. As an artist he believes that civic involvement in the local community is paramount to building a thriving arts community.